Find The Buyers That Matter.


Reach out to the right shoppers at the right time to make the most of your marketing savings — and maintain OEM-required spend levels.


Get ‘Predictive', Customized Audiences


PinPoint eliminates the need for traditional dealer CRMs and provides your dealers and service departments with the marketing details necessary.


Service Outreach When It Counts


PinPoint streamlines your re-marketing and outreach efforts to increase revenue across dealerships.


Do More with Saved Ad Spend


PinPoint helps to reallocate the OEM co-op budget so you don’t lose it in years following.

Can't Find Car Buyers
in the Digital Crowd?

Pinpoint can help — it's a people-based marketing solution with an inside-out approach.


Tracks Service History to Enhance Outreach and Boost Service $

PinPoint works as a service and engagement tracker built for dealerships that optimizes your outreach around service history.

Get the Audience Data You Need to Sell More Cars.

Pinpoint provides powerful audience identification data for your dealers so they can tailor their marketing and sales efforts based on current car-owner status, purchase history and more.

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Engaging, insightful and actionable. James is the rarest of professionals; he has an incredible record of success in analytics, data driven marketing and data driven innovation. He is one of the true pioneers.

Kevin Bauer | Bluestem Brands

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