• James Grace

4 Things CMOs Hate about Digital

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I recently came across an article from e-marketer that really resonated in the context of the vision I have for Wizely. Here’s the key chart from that article :

Ultimately, these objections and frustrations are related to the concept of the “quality gap” – which I have been talking about like a broken record for a few years, and which played a large role in the founding of Wizely. Here it is, in graphic form :

Over time “vanity metrics” like visits, impressions & spend continue to increase double-digit percentages per year. In the meantime, metrics that actually matter to business owners like sales & profit tend to be making much smaller gains. As time goes on, this gap continues to widen. From my point of view, all 4 of these issues raised by CMOs exist inside the quality gap.

The Wizely team has been hard at work creating a new people-based-marketing product that will represent our best effort at addressing these issues for marketers. So far, the results with our pilot client have been incredibly encouraging, with a gross profit return of $8.68 for every $1 spent with Wizely. Stay tuned for our Open Beta announcement if you’d like to get in on that action!

If you’re a company that is struggling with how to deal with this “Quality Gap” problem in your own business, we also still have some consulting slots left so reach out and we’d love to help!

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