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Wizely Launches Pinpoint People-Based-Marketing Platform

Updated: Jun 29, 2020



WATERBURY, VT (September 17, 2018) – Wizely, a digital marketing company based in Waterbury, Vermont, today launches “Pinpoint”, a new platform to enable people-based-marketing for marketers of all shapes and sizes.

“The best way I know to describe people-based-marketing is to call it an inside-out strategy rather than an outside-in strategy,” says James Grace, founder and CEO of Wizely. “In traditional digital marketing you start with the whole digital world and then move from the outside in, narrowing down to your target customers through age, location, gender and demographics. With people-based-marketing you start with people you know and already do business with, and expand outwardly from there. You’re targeting your message to the right people rather than hoping that you find customers in the right crowd.”

Pinpoint is fundamentally about making digital marketing more effective and efficient. For example, it allows Audience Suppression, which stops advertising from going to people who have already purchased, both reducing costs by eliminating wasted spend and improving customer sentiment by reducing irrelevant and repetitive advertising. It also enables up-selling and loyalty program use cases such as offering someone who has skied a resort two or three times the opportunity to upgrade to a season’s pass.

The benefits of people-based-marketing are almost universally recognized. According to a report published by SIGNAL and E-Consultancy, 83% of North American advertisers report that people-based ads outperform traditional digital media. However, despite the obvious benefits, the technology has remained largely inaccessible to marketers for whom data and analytics isn’t their core business.

“When I launched Wizely, I started talking to consulting clients about the benefits of people-based-marketing,” said Grace. “It became immediately obvious that there were very few technology platforms available that made it easy for marketers without their own developers and data scientists to take advantage of this game-changing technology. So, we built one.”

Wizely’s Pinpoint platform simplifies and automates the heavy-lifting and data processing required to enable people-based-marketing, allowing marketers to focus on messaging and campaign strategies rather than trying to navigate the complexities of big-data and analytics.

Wizely is currently launching new clients on Pinpoint, and initial results are very positive.

“Our clients are seeing better advertising results, and saving hours of manual and frustrating data manipulation,” says Grace. “It’s really rewarding to see the benefits of a simplified application of complex technology. That’s what Wizely is all about.”

Learn More about Pinpoint Here

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