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Wizely Wins at NADA: Automotive Website Awards Honor Innovation

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

After an exciting weekend at the National Automobile Dealers Association show, Wizely is thrilled to share some more proof that the cutting edge is still right in our wheelhouse: our two new Automotive Website Awards.

The NADA show, where thought leaders, manufacturers, dealerships and other key players gather to teach and learn about the latest trends, strategies and tools, is all about breaking new ground. With the receipt of two AWA accolades, titled “Rising Star” and “Innovator”, we can safely say Wizely showed up for that mission.

What Made Wizely a Rising Star?

Dollars and $ense, Wizely’s attribution solution, won out in the Rising Star category. Calculating digital spend ROI, understanding your online audience, and uncovering sales attribution at scale make Dollars and $ense a dealership’s digital marketing dream.

As an ally to the dealership, Dollars and $ense helps evaluate online spend and connect it to cars sold. Rather than leverage analytics to track traffic and clicks, Wizely works to truly connect marketing dollars spent to sales dollars gained, ensuring dealerships get the most from their online spend.

This novel approach led James Grace, Wizely’s CEO and founder, straight to the stage — to accept the award at NADA this February.

But that wasn’t the only award on Wizely’s plate at the AWA banquet.

What Makes Wizely an Innovator?

We also accepted an award for our newest release, Co-op Accelerator, which aims to revolutionize the way OEM co-op reimbursements are predicted and received — filling a glaring hole in automotive advertising that has plagued dealers for years.

At some agencies, it takes 2-3 people 40 hours a month to complete their co-op reports, diverting time from other high-value projects these agencies could prioritize. And, like compiling reports, calculating OEM advertising co-op refunds can be a huge time suck, and there’s no telling if you’ll hit the moving target.

The ambiguity in refund forecasting has a big cost: a report by Netsertive has found that OEM advertising co-op accounts for more than 50% of most dealerships’ marketing budgets. If an agency misses out on hundreds a month, that’s a lot of money down the drain every year.

Cutting corners in reporting isn’t a solid solution. Automation is. And that’s why Wizely won the Innovator accolade from AWA at NADA.

Automation software can reduce the time spent on OEM advertising co-op reporting from hours to minutes and helps agencies predict how much your OEM advertising co-op refund will be each month, allowing people to be more strategic and spend time where it matters most.

Next Up: Innovation Done Right

We’re proud to be among other AWA winners and excited for what’s to come. Not only are we innovating quickly, but we’re always hard at work on the Co-Op Accelerator, Dollars and $ense, and Pinpoint giving every dealership and agency the opportunity to find their hidden value through Wizely’s innovations.

Ready to see how Wizely’s solutions are shaking up automotive advertising? Schedule a Demo today.

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